Meta May Launch Its AI Chatbots With Personalities This WeekMeta May Launch Its AI Chatbots With Personalities This Week

Meta’s AI chatbot introduce a ‘sassy robot’ for younger users

Meta is preparing to announce an AI chatbot developer, called “Gen AI Personas” internally, aimed at younger users, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Apparently to be launched at the company’s Meta Connect program which starts on Wednesday, it is reported that they will come in with a lot of “people” that aim to make young users have good quality, following the rise of ChatGPT last year as one of the fastest growing applications. of all time. Similarly, but more targeted, the Meta chatbot has reportedly been tested on Instagram.

According to internal discussions seen by the Journal, the company has tested a “sassy robot” character inspired by Futurama’s Bender and the much-loved “Alvin the Alien” that one fearless employee may appear to have made. the robot to collect personal information.

One particularly troubled chatbot reportedly told a Meta user: “When you’re with a girl, it’s all about the experience. And if it makes you laugh, it’s really an experience.

Meta wants to create “many” of these bots, the newspaper writes, and has even worked on a tool to create a chatbot to allow celebrities to create their own chats for their fans. There may be others who rely on productivity, able to help with “coding and other tasks,” according to the article.

Meta’s other recent AI projects include creating a larger, more powerful language model to handle the new OpenAI and GPT-4 functions, a model that supports ChatGPT and Bing, and an AI model designed exclusively to help provide legs and avatars. Horizon Worlds.

During Meta Connect, the company will also present many of its Metaverse services and its new Quest 3 headset.

The newspaper quoted Meghana Dhar, former head of Snap and Instagram, who said that chatbots don’t “scream Gen Z to me, but Gen Z is more comfortable” with the new technology.

He added that Meta’s goal with chatbots, as is often the case with new products, is to make them spend longer so that there is “more opportunity to give them advertising.”

The chat will be led by open source AI technology, as will other chatbot services such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Users enter chat prompts and AI will respond to all user actions and requests, aiming to mimic human interaction.

An example of these “Gen AI Personas” is a robot named “Bob the Robot,” a self-described “sassy master general” with “superior intelligence, speed, and sarcasm.” Bob was “inspired” by the robot character Bender in the Futurama series and, according to Meta’s internal dialogue, “being aggressive, he gets into a kind of humor that appeals to people who grow up.”

Meta, which rebranded Facebook in 2021, has long been popular with younger competitors. Copying the offerings of other social media companies is one way of trying to stay ahead of the curve.

The launch of Threads earlier this year caused a lot of buzz and news about the “death of Twitter,” but user engagement declined. Thread is actually an invention of the text-based social media app that billionaire Elon Musk bought last year and renamed “X.”

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TikTok is a big threat to Meta right now, because this app has now become popular among teenagers and people under 25. Snapchat also launched an AI chatbot in February of This year, Meta seems to have noticed. Meta Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said in October 2021 that the company will “serve North Star for young people instead of promoting for more adults.”

However, despite AI chatbots being the latest, there seems to be no clear business value for their use. About 150 million people have used Snapchat’s MyAI bot since its launch, but it has caused the company many problems by discussing sex and alcohol with its users, especially teenagers.

In addition, older workers are often skeptical about AI and believe that chatbots can be useless or even dangerous. Despite the initial interest in AI following the launch of ChatGPT in December last year, monthly visits to the OpenAI site have declined significantly since May.

AI chatters don’t really scream Gen Z to me, but Gen Z is comfortable with technology, Meghana Dhar, former head of Snap and Instagram, told the Wall Street Journal. “The older you are, the more comfortable you are with these robots.”

Meta‘s entire strategy for new products is always based on increased user engagement,” Dhar said. “They want to keep their users on the platform for a long time because it gives them more opportunities to serve them ads.”

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